Scath Beorh, of Cherokee and Scotch-Irish ancestry, was born on Sunday, February 17, 1963, in Pensacola, Florida, the fourth of five children born into his family.

It became evident from an early age that Beorh would explore the world around him through his own drive to create as opposed to merely living as a spectator of the talents of others. Until he was about 14, he wanted to be a visual artist, and his work proved a genius talent for so young an age. But receiving no support from his parents, he turned to writing, which required far less tools than those of an artist.

His travels have taken him to India for a few days, Ireland for a year, and Hollywood for two years. Today he lives with his wife Ember on the Atlantic Coast in the oldest European settlement of North America.

Beorh writes stories permeated with themes of violence, brutality, anguish, punishment, magical realism, and blurred lines between this and the afterlife. Sometimes veiled and at times more overt sarcasm about Christian values and moral inconsistencies underline an ingenious design behind the entertaining tales. The quality of the writing and storytelling indicate an extremely well-informed and competent storyteller. 

His books include PINPRICK (Ghostley Books, 2017), THE VAMPIRES OF DREACH FOLA (JWK Fiction, 2016), THE WITCH OF BALLINASCARTY (Crucifixion Books, 2017), GOLGOTHA (Punkin House Press, 2011), EMHAIN MACHA DARK RAIN (RS Press, 2011), ALWAYS AFTER THIEVES WATCH (Wildside Press, 2010), CHILDREN & OTHER WICKED THINGS (JWK Fiction, 2013), THE PIRATES OF ST. AUGUSTINE (Wildside Press, 2011), and DARK SAYINGS OF OLD (JWK Fiction, 2013).

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